Resident Wellbeing
Enjoy Your New Lifestyle to the Full!

Our focus has always been providing wonderful living environments, including some of the best social and recreational facilities available. As our communities mature, we realise that residents' needs and priorities change and maintaining physical and emotional wellbeing becomes more challenging.

In mid 2022 CCL were pleased to announce the appointment of  Rachel Murphy as our Wellbeing Coordinator to assist resident groups and Country Club management across our portfolio in broadening opportunities for improving residents’ physical and emotional wellbeing.


Rachel Murphy
Resident Wellbeing Coordinator

The goal is to positively and proactively lengthen residents' ability to maintain independent living via two key elements. Firstly, to consult with residents to support and improve options for resident activities and support systems. Rachel liaises with residents to obtain valued feedback regarding activities and social group requirements, allowing residents to benefit from more options they consider relevant to their needs. Rachel also monitors the latest initiatives across our various country clubs and industry wide, sharing possible new wellbeing opportunities with residents.

The second initiative is building relationships with key external stakeholders that offer services to assist and improve resident wellbeing and happiness. For example, we know that as needs change, to be able to continue living independently, residents may wish to benefit from in home health care and support.

Country Club Living have formed a relationship with Mercy Health, a not-for-profit organisation that provides various health, wellbeing and lifestyle support services at a discounted rate. If you have arrangements with an alternative provider of home services, you are fine to continue with that if you decide to make Country Club Living your new home.

We are focused on providing choices and the best independent lifestyle we can. Our well being program is an ever changing area of service to residents. If you would like more information about our wellbeing program or what is happening at one of our country clubs, please feel free to talk to Courtney or one of our Lifestyle Consultants.

Some of the most popular wellbeing and social groups/activities we assist our residents in running:

Social indoor and outdoor bowling groups

Water aerobics/aqua fitness groups

Walking and cycling groups

Communal gardening and horticulture groups

Various specialised arts and crafts groups

Card playing tournaments and groups

Book and movie clubs

Music and singing groups

At Country Club Living, we look forward to providing ongoing and new health and wellbeing initiatives for our residents.

Download our monthly events calendar

Activities download is an indication of a typical month's activities calendar. Please note that presently due to Covid-19 restrictions, some activities may not be available.

Some great third party service providers that we have introduced to Country Club Living residents to assist with resident wellbeing:


Mercy Health - Victoria
(Home Care Services)


Equip 4 life
(Nutrition & Wellbeing)


Be Connected Network
(Computer skills to assist in keeping in touch)


Ozcare - Queensland

(Home Care Services)


Australian Multi Cultural Services

(Moving it for Life exercise programs)

Wellness Booklet cover

Country Club Living Wellness Journal