It's an easy step by step process to start the lifestyle you deserve.


Step 1 - Review & Enquire

To review our Village information you have a number of options:

  • Review our Village information online
  • Visit our village during business hours
  • Send us an e-mail with your enquiry to receive an information pack
  • Ring us on our FreeCall number 1800 461 505 so that we can answer your initial enquiries.

Step 2 - Our Lifestyle Consultants or Village Managers Will Contact You

We will be in touch to see that you have received the information and answer any further questions.  We also encourage you to feel free to contact us at any time suitable to yourself - on line, by phone or at the Village.


Step 3 - Visit Our Village

If you have not already done so, we welcome you, friends and family to visit our Village at any time between Monday to Friday 10am -4pm or by Private Appointment.

We will provide a tour of our Village and homes on display. We also strongly recommend that you attend one of our Village Open Days, Luncheons and/or Events so that you can meet the residents that call Noosa Domain their home – They live the Noosa Domain Lifestyle every day!!


Step 4 - Review Financial Information

Our Lifestyle Consultant or Village Manager will run through all of the financial information with you and provide you with all of the relevant information for you to review at your leisure and with significant others. We want to ensure you are clear with all of your financial requirements and lifestyle opportunities.

After you have seen the village and have a thorough understanding of financial information and you wish to proceed… here are the next steps:


Step 5 - Tentatively Secure A Unit "Hold"

You’ve seen the home you want and would like to secure it straight away!! Then we recommend a HOLD for 7 days to reconfirm your position – No Deposit is required.


Step 6 - Confirmation Deposit

You now wish to reserve your home. A $5,000 deposit (fully refundable) is required. No further payments are required until settlement of your home takes place. The $5,000 deposit will be deducted from the final payment required at settlement.


Step 7 - Contracts

Once a deposit has been paid and you provide us with your legal representative details, our lawyers will draw up a contract and send them and yourselves a copy of the contract. You must then hold on to this contract for 21 days before signing and returning it to us. This again ensures that you and/or significant other fully understand terms and conditions.


Step 8 - Place your home on the market

You generally have 90 days from the date the contract was drawn up as a settlement lead time. Our Lifestyle Consultants work with you during this process to understand where you are positioned and ensure that you have our support during this period.
Please note that time frames for settlements will vary pending if your home is fully established versus a planned future build….. Again we work with you, our project teams, your agent and legal representative to ensure all parties are aware of progress.


Step 9 - Settlement

Settlement is the final process of transferring ownership of your home. The balance owing on your home is now paid. Don’t forget… there is NO STAMP DUTY to pay.


Step 10 - Move In

You have made it!! We welcome you to your new home and your Village Manager and residents will make this a smooth transition for you.



Village Comparison Document

Open 5 Days

Open Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00am-4:00pm
(or by private appointment)

Village Manager: Rod and Sarah Doyle

Lifestyle Consultant: Brian Williams

Address: 35 Walter Hay Drive, Noosaville.

Village Office Phone: (07) 5341 6000
Business hours only

Sales: Freecall 1800 461 505